What to Expect for Content Marketing in 2016? Top 5 Trends.


Content marketing increased its influence during 2015 and became recognized by marketers as one of the top digial activities driving commercial results. That’s evident from “The State of Content Marketing in 2015“ infographic. Now it’s time to evaluate the trends and predictions by top marketing experts for the year 2016 and figure out some tips for businesses that can help […]

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Market Research Industry Highlights 2015. Infographic.

Market research in the digital age. 2015 trends.

2015 has been another remarkable year for the market research industry. Due to digital technologies, new advancements have been introduced into the process of research. The number of businesses and organizations investing in market research has also grown this year, which led to an increasing data turnover in the industry. The following infographic shows the main market research highlights form […]

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Android Spying App Review: Improving Smartphone Monitoring for Business

Spying app for Android smartphones

Use of smartphones has become a pretty common thing nowadays. Even we see many businesses providing their employees with Android phones for official purposes. These Android phones are supposed to help businesses become more efficient with their work by helping their employees stay in touch with their colleagues at all times. Even employees can benefit with the help of an […]

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Which Windows 10 Settings Should You Change To Protect Your Privacy?

Windows 10 settings to protect your privacy

In July, 2015, Microsoft released its “final” version of Windows: 10. Claiming it will change how its software is delivered in the future and offering an upgrade to existing customers for free (at least for a year), Microsoft seems to have thought things through thoroughly. The question is, have you? With cool new features, such as Cortana and developer access […]

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Freelancers providing legal services make more money than other professionals on the market – Payoneer reports

The Payoneer Freelancer Income Survey 2015 Report

Despite a widespread belief that Information Technology is the industry attracting all the big money these days, things are a bit different on the freelance market. Here, profiding legal services is the most profitable business, and freelancers in this category work harder and keep the second highest level of income satisfaction across industries. According to “The Payoneer Freelancer Income Survey […]

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How to generate more leads from Facebook pages using free tools for business

Facebook pages for business

The number of companies using Facebook as a platform for their online presence keeps growing. Small and medium sized businesses alone amounted to 40 million Facebook pages in April 2015, compared to 30M in June 2014. At the same time, only 2 million of SMEs advertise actively on Facebook. Considering the fact that organic reach for posts by pages was […]

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Mobile Internet will almost kill Desktop by 2017. Is your website ready?

Mobile Internet share will grow up to 91% by 2017

“The world’s online population will grow up to 3.5 billion people by 2017″, Forrester Research predicted in 2012. At that time, there were 2.4 billion people across the world using Internet on a regular basis – via desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Just some curious facts: In January 2015, the number of worldwide Internet users already exceeded 3 billion […]

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CreckJack: a place for crowdfunding talents and kickstarting creative ideas.

CreckJack - a startup to support content creators

Everyone has a talent or a big idea they would like to take to the next level. This is the motto put forward by CreckJack, a new social crowdfunding platform for content creators. It appeals to all possible types of craftsmen and creative people: musicians, visual artists, designers, photographers, youtubers, and much more. On the other hand, it grants an […]

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