Backstreet Academy Travel Startup

Backstreet Academy: a Startup to Promote Learning through Sustainable Travel in Southeast Asia

Some of the present-day startups are doing truly amazing stuff in attempt to make our world a better place to live in. A unique mix of traveling and learning contrived by Backstreet Academy, a Singapore-based startup, deserves a closer look.

Backstreet Academy is an online marketplace for travel nuts where they can discover exclusive learning courses throughout the Southeast Asia, which cannot be taken anywhere else. And for many outstanding local craftsmen, hosting tourists via Backstreet Academy is the only chance to get substantial income and overcome poverty. The courses are currently available in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, India and Nepal.

In Hanoi, you can learn Vietnamese and Chinese calligraphy, create awesome paper masks and bottle paintings, cook various delicious meals, take photos of the city backstreets or ride scooters at night.

Maybe you’d like to unveil to yourself the original recipes of Lao wine? Then you should visit Luang Prabang. By the way, there are so many pretty things to do in that area alongside this: get some rice farming and fishing practice, produce and play wooden flutes, and much more!

Martial arts have always been an indispensable part of the Asian culture. Learning from the backstreet masters can give an excellent insight into authentic heritage in this context, as well as to keep fit. Khmer boxing courses in Phnom Penh will be a perfect choice in this respect.

All of that and more at your fingertips at very affordable price. Most tours offered by Backstreet Academy carry a price within the range of $15-50. For every booking, 40-50% goes to the host, 20-30% covers the facilitators and transport costs, and the startup retains as low as 10-15%.

Here’s a documentary video featuring Backstreet Academy’s experience with sustainable tourism in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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