The Payoneer Freelancer Income Survey 2015 Report

Freelancers providing legal services make more money than other professionals on the market – Payoneer reports

Despite a widespread belief that Information Technology is the industry attracting all the big money these days, things are a bit different on the freelance market. Here, profiding legal services is the most profitable business, and freelancers in this category work harder and keep the second highest level of income satisfaction across industries.

According to “The Payoneer Freelancer Income Survey 2015” results reported recently, legal service providers charge an average of $31 per hour. They are followed by engineering & manufacturing ($24.6 per hour), design & multimedia ($22.6), finance & management professionals ($22.4). IT & programming specialists are at the bottom of the list with their $22 average hourly rate. Yet, writing & translation freelancers are the complete outsiders being paid something around $17-18 per hour.

How much money different freelancers charge per hour
Average hourly rates for freelancers by industry – “Freelancer Income Survey” by Payoneer, 2015

It is not surprising that the lowest income satisfaction level was registered among the freelancers providing writing & translation services according to the survey – 43%. However, legal freelance professionals appeared to be only the second best in this respect (45.6%). The first place belongs to IT specialists and programmers (48.7%). Alongside this, the average worldwide income satisfaction level for all freelance categories is 46%, which shows that more than the half of freelancers are unhappy with their earnings.

How satisfied are freelance professionals with their income level? Stats by industry.
Freelancer income satisfaction level by industry – “Freelancer Income Survey” by Payoneer, 2015

Both legal and engineering/manufacturing specialists are the most hard-working out of all freelance categories. On average, they spend 39.4 and 38.5 hours per week working respectively. On the contrary, writers and translators work an average of 31.6 hours per week, which is considerably lower. It is evident that these stats correspond with the total amount of income and the level of satisfaction.

Average working hours per week for freelancers by industry - "Freelancer Income Survey" by Payoneer, 2015
Average working hours per week for freelancers by industry – “Freelancer Income Survey” by Payoneer, 2015

Another curious fact: the Payoneer team discovered that the rate per hour depends even on the freelancer’s workplace and job situation. As stated in the report, freelancers who work from offices charge an average of $22 per hour, while the home-based ones earn $1 less. Independent freelancers charge $20 per hour against an average of $21 charged by professionals working as a part of a company.

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Payoneer, the global online payments provider, surveyed 23, 000 freelancers from 180 countries. If you want to check out more survey results, download the report from the Payoneer’s blog.

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