10 Dropbox Tricks for tech Geeks

Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud file storage services online. By the way, it has surpassed 100 million users recently. Dropbox was one of the first services that allowed users to access files online, and it gained much popularity.

Though it’s safe and easy-to-use, free Dropbox have limited features. However, due to some handy tips and tricks one can extend Dropbox functionality and make user experience even more fun, easy, and advantageous:

  1. If you have a free Dropbox account, you can get around 500 mb more whenever you refer your friend to Dropbox and he/she signs up. Also, by just showcasing your love for Dropbox in your Twitter account will win you 125 mb more. Many a times, the Dropbox team announces new ways to win more space and gives out extra space for beta testing, for which one should keep a eye out for on their official forum.
  2. Apple users have always got irritated with the iTunes sync and its limitations, especially when users maintain different devices at different locations. Syncing iTunes in such situations can be difficult. However, Dropbox can easily sync your iTunes library from different Apple devices, and this gives you access to your library for easy sync.
  3. If you ever happen to delete important files in the heat of the moment, do not worry, Dropbox deletes the erased file only after 30 days. In the file browser, hit on the “show deleted files’, and there you are.
  4. With the help of mobile app of the Dropbox, you can save the videos and pictures taken from your mobile device directly into your Dropbox account. Just download the Dropbox mobile app and you’re ready to go. The next time you lose the phone, you’ll not have to regret the loss of memorable pictures and videos.
  5. Even if you do not have access to Dropbox, you can sign up at SendtoDropbox and send the files to a customized mail provided to you. Every time you send an attachment to that mail, the same file will appear in your Dropbox account. Pretty neat, right?
  6. For extra safety and security, you can enable the two-step verification in Dropbox, whenever you want to set it up on a new computer. It needs a code from your personal mobile to get through the process.
  7. You can even host a website with Dropbox, but you will need the help of other third party applications to get through the entire process.
  8. If you are running out of space, you can use the Selective Sync option in Dropbox to only share files from a particular folder to your computer.
  9. You can even backup your entire site with Dropbox, which is particularly useful if a lot of time, effort, and money has gone into developing your website.
  10. With the help of URL Droplet, you can easily download torrent files in your Dropbox. One can even download torrents to Dropbox remotely with the help of third party applications.

We hope you found these tips and tricks unique, easy, and helpful. Good luck!

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Jeffrey Timpson

Jeffrey Timpson

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