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A Reddit user TeaDranks has posted the World Population Cartogram where actual sizes of countries are modified as consistent with their population, as of January 2015. Every square on the map corresponds with 500,000 people. Let’s match the cartogram with the top 10 nations leading by global online and Facebook population.

World population in 2015. Cartogram.
World Population Cartogram 2015. Clisck on the image to view the enlarged version.

As is seen from the cartogram, the folowing countries make the top 10 by population:

Top 10 world countries by population
Top 10 world countries by population, January 2015: China – 1.4 billion; India – 1.3 billion; United States – 320.1 million; Indonesia – 255.4 million; Brazil – 203.7 million; Pakistan – 188.6 million; Nigeria – 183.5 million; Bangladesh – 157.6 million; Russian Federation – 146.3 million; Japan – 127 million.

It’s very interesting to compare the above mentioned list with the top 10 countries by the number of Internet users. The infographic is based on the data provided by Statista, as of February, 2014. No wonder that some of the most heavily populated countries in the world are not as big online at all.

Top 10 countries by online population, February 2014.
Top 10 countries by online population, February 2014: China – 354.6 million; United States – 194.7 million; India – 80.1 million; Japan – 73 million; Brazil – 68.1 million; Russian Federation – 66.8 million; Germany – 52.6 million; France – 42.4 million; United Kingdom – 39.4 million; Italy – 30.5 million.

Now it’s even more exciting to know the leaders in terms of Facebook population. The countries with the biggest number of Facebook users (in May 2014):

Facebook population top 10 countries, March 2014:
Top 10 countries by Facebook population, May 2014: United States – 151.8 million; India – 108.3 million; Brazil – 70.5 million; Indonesia – 60.3 million; Mexico – 44.4 million; United Kingdom – 30.3 million; Japan – 26.5 million; France – 22.4 million; Germany – 22 million; Italy – 18.3 million.

A curious fact: according to this data, there are more Facebook users in India than total Internet users 🙂 Perhaps, people (or maybe bots) in India are very active in social networks and many of them have several Facebook profiles (on average, 1.35 Facebook users per each Internet user).

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